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HEVEA Loop Cup Menstruationstasse Gr1 100% Kautsch

Verfügbarkeit: Verfügbarkeit  Lieferfrist 1-3 Tage
CHF 29.30
Loop Cup Size 1

Menstrual cups are a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. An ideal menstrual cup is made of non-toxic material, as well as, comfortable and easy to use. Our Loop Cup options fit these parameters in addition to being reusable. Yes! They are reusable and biodegradable so that when you discard them, you can be sure that you are not promoting climate change. Made of 100 % natural rubber, our Loop Cups have a simple build with a terminal loop that provides a good grip when handling, either outside or inside the body. The foldable cup part ensures ease of insertion and the soft and gentle feel of the cup provides comfort when inserted. It is designed for women, by women for a clean conscience towards the body and the environment.


Natural, non-toxic rubber free of hazardous chemicals

Soft and gentle feel

Reusable and durable

Simple, unique design

Comes with a cotton bag for storage

4cm (outer diameter)/ 3.5 cm (inner diameter)

6.3 cm long

18ml/0.6 oz capacity

Other sizes available (2, and 3)

Benefits of the HEVEA® Loop Cup Size 1

This size is perfect for beginners and teenagers

Suitable for users with light flow

It is non-toxic and non-irritant

Reusable and durable

Made purely of plant material (biodegradable)

Easy to use

Easy to clean

Functional design for comfort and easy movement

HEVEA Loop Cup Menstruationstasse Gr1 100% Kautsch von Eco Generation GmbH | Artikel 4230

EAN-Code / GTIN / Strichcode: 5710087426017 | Kategorie 22241912,16041700,16300400,50171554

KeyWord HEVEA Loop Cup Menstruationstasse Gr1 100% Kautschuk

HEVEA Loop Cup Coupe de menstruation Gr1 100% caoutchouc

Gewicht in Gramm: ca. 37 /

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